REINDIER is a multimedia artist, specialising in music and theatre. For his album 'Obsidian // Silk' I had the opportunity to design and build the touring stage, and videoclip props. Together with Reinier van Harten, Tanja Busking and Jarno Burger we developed the album concept into a lively, tangible stage concept with lighting as its focus. 
The stage comprised of a central revolving metal platform with a big LEDring. On either side of the stage is a similar LEDring suspended by a metal structure. In front and back of the stage, we built custom lighting panels. Voronoi patterns are used for its expressive possibilities as, to support the narrative of the album and its visual identity.  All LEDs which can be controlled individually through ArtNet. For the performers we made mechanical tentacles and vacuum formed bodysuits.
We have developed most of our own tools and machines to produce the stage. We have built vacuum-forming tools, a CNC laser and CNC plotter. Other than that, we used 3D printers, CNC milling machines and a range of modelling and 3d scanning software.
With an enormous thanks to both Veenfabriek, Stimuleringsfonds, Tanja Busking and Reinier van Harten.
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